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Seke district in Mashonaland East Province of Zimbabwe is situated to the south-east of Harare , approximately 50km away from the nations capital. It shares common boundaries with other districts which include; Chegutu; Mhondoro-Ngezi, Chikomba; Marondera; Goromonzi and Chitungwiza. Constituted with twenty-one wards and a total of 1044km of road netwrok, it is definitely strategically located to connect for business and markets from within and beyond its borders.  

Administration Department 

Day-to-day administration of Council core operations and mandate. 

Finance Department 

Billing and customer queries, payments and receipts. 

Engineering Department 

Schools and clinics construction, borehole maintenance and rehabilitation, refuse collection and disposal, roads maintenance and rehabiltation. 

Planning Department 

Preparation of local development plans; stand allocation, plan approvals. preparation of stand ownership documents and development control. 

What we do 

With an area network of fifty one ( 51) Primary schools, twenty one (21) Secondary schools, Two (2) hospitals and thirteen (13) clinics; the Health and Education infrastructure is well established and continues to create a community of people who are able to engage in business, growth and development of families and well -being. Seke District is open to partners or private players willing to invest in some areas within the Education and Health facilities for even better accessibility for all This is aimed at providing unlimited possibilities and opportunities for the generations of tomorrow.


Culture plays an integral role in the vitality of the Seke community which still enjoys traditional leadership under Chief Seke, and observes its many famed cultural festivals such as "mukwerera", a rain making ceremony, "zunde ramambo" and traditional healing practices.Arrayed with a culturally rich heritage, it is preserved with historically sacred landmarks such as the "Chaminuka shrine" and"Chinyahara hills", motivating vibrant tourism.

.Seke District is definitely open for business with sustainable growth and development at the core of its operations. A place of vast potential, always in stride towards a brighter future, various Investments and development partners have been realised such as Kefalos, Irvines, Marskop, Megawash (PVT) LTD, Harava Solar Park, EliMobil Fertilizer Manufacturing Plant and numerous private schools among others which have not only created employment opportunities for the loca!s but have opened new business channels for investments and partnerships. It is also endowed with rich mineral deposits such as gold and tantalite as well as abundant sunlight for solar energy.

Naturally landscaped with spectacular views of greenery and vast agricultural land falling within farming Region 2b and 3, the district boasts of a variety of agricultural produce which include; Tobacco, Soya Beans, Potatoes, Maize, Beef, Dairy, Poultry & Horticulture.

Through these activities, it has opened up business opportunities for processing, transportation and other related activities.

Offering a relaxing work and leisure environment while surrounded by a welcoming environment that supports tourism and hospitality, Seke District has great potential for tourism with beautiful places like Beatrice Lodges and Conference Centre, the Dam View, Makumbe and Chikwanha Hotels having been established by some investors to provide a luxurious and fascinating stay for visitors and guests.


What we offer

Road maintenance and rehabiltation 

Murisa road opening and construction and Kerry Shelvet project. 

Water Reticulation 

Dema Water reticulation project.

Classroom block construction 

Classroom block construction. 


Staff house construction at Bwoni clinic.

Roads maintenance and opening 

Guzha/Chikwana road opening.

Sewer ponds 

Beatrice sewer ponds 

Looking to do Business and investment?

Look no further Seke district is the place to invest in.Start and grow your business in Seke district. 

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In line with the Call to action by His Excellency The President of the Republic of Zimbabwe; we thrive to provide efficient; and prompt service and service delivery to our communities and the nation at large. 

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Our offices are occupied by friendly and competent staff; willing to assisst all clients to the best of their ability. Do rate our service by completing the client satisfaction form below and sending it back to us.

Service delivery 

We provide and ensure efficient service delievery such as refuse collection; water and health facilities. 

Investment Opportunity

Employment opportunities for locals have been created and opened new business channels for investments and partnerships.

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